Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Mutt How To Skateboard And Not Kill Yourself #1

- Jack was the dude who insipired Rodney Mullen to skate, wow now Rodney Mullen is father of all tricks.
- Me and my sister are pretty close, closer than Rodney and his sisters.
- Skateboarding offers unlimited amount of possibilites
- Back in the day, they skate the board like surfing which is not cool, cause it is all about the tricks not surfing.
- Skateboard creates individlism

4 Questions
- Why did Rodney Mullen do drugs? To help his skateboarding career?
- What inspire Rodney Mullen doing all these crazy flipping tricks?
- Why didn't his father buy him the skateboard?
- When his dad said a skater smashed his mouth on what thing?

3 Vocabulries
- Wobbles -to incline to one side and to the other alternately, as a wheel, top, or other rotating body when not properly balanced.
- Devise - to contrive and plan
- hyperventilate - to be afflicted with hyperventilation

2 Literaly Terms
- Climax : Rodney Mullen NEEDS a skateboard but his dad didn't get him one, and he is so obsessed about a new skateboard
- Simile : My mind is like a calm lake

1 Overall
Rodney Mullen is obsessed with skateboarding and he is dying for a skateboard. But his dad won't get him one because he thinks skateboarding is extremely dangerous and rejected Rodney when he was asking if he can get a skateboard. Then after a good old 4 month he finally gives in and bought Rodney a brand new skateboard.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

5 4 3 2 1 On The Killer Angel #10


- People who work as a mailman back then have to run around the country to deliver mails.

- Nope, Buford is not going to stop the enemy's infantry. They will lose.

- I'm so stoked that they are going to fight. This is going to be exciting.

- Well they have a lot of time if they can teach a english man how to play poker.

- They should get ready to attack Buford.

4 Questions

- What is Battery symbolize in this chapter?

- What is the point of doing hit and run? It will make them arrive at the fight ground sooner.

- How did Longstreet's child die?

- Why is there people there that speak German?

3 Vocabularies

- Undertaker: Funeral director

- Deliberately: carefully weighted or considered

- Militia: A body of citizen that serves in military.

2 Literary Terms

- Plot: The plot of the story is that armies are really tiresome

- Conflict: Now that Buford is surrounded with no help

1 Overall

- Buford just found out Reynold is like 10 miles away and Longstreet is already attacking. He want to slow the Longstreet infantry so Reynold can back Buford up.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

5 4 3 2 1 On The Killer Angel #9


- Pennsylvania is the dutch I think, the quakers.

- So Lee and Longstreet works together. And they are attacking the Buford's armies.

- Reynold is probably just sleeping and taking his time to get to Buford.

- So right now, I read about Longstreet and Lee, Chamberlain and Buford

- Washington is on Buford”s side.

4 Questions

- Why do the people have thoughts like if they lose they can't go back to their hometown?

- How much honor do the mens who fought for war have?

- Do we get to read some good action in this book?

- Why is Reynold taking so long for such a small task?

3 Vocabularies

- Bowlegged : Leg bend

- Mournfully : feel or show sorrow

- Spattered : Splash, Cast Drop

2 Literary Terms

- Foreshadowing: I think Buford is going to be really upset and he joined the rebel because the rebel do make a point ,

- View of Point: The Rebel is outsourcing the other people.

1 Overall

- Longstreet and Lee's troops are surrounding Buford's armies at Gettysburg and they are planning to attack. And Buford's armies back up infantry is taking FOREVER to rescue Buford. So that why he is so angry.

Friday, April 24, 2009

5 4 3 2 1 On The Killer Angel #8


- If they had cellphones, he could have call Reynolds and the problem will be solved.

- Buford think way too much, way too much, Maybe if he stop thinking and do what ever he feels like. It might help.

- Bobby Lee is a famous comedian, and in this, he is a solider

- Buford is so shy, he should go back and introduce himself to the woman.

- It seem like that the Rebel soldier is really mean because he took all the village's food.

4 Questions

- Who is Devin? Is he a Rebel soldier or a Blue Coat Solider?

- I wonder why does people have last name as Lee?

- Buford seems like a person that worries a lot, Did that effect his decision in any ways?

- Wasn't cigar expensive back in the Revolutionary time?

3 Vocabularies

- Dragoon: Cavalry man, Usually heavy cavalry man.

- Speckled: Small Spot, Particles

- Enormous: Very big, Vast

2 Literary Terms

- Foreshadow: I think the infantry will arrive late and the Blue Coat is going to get defeat because Reynolds is taking too much time

- Simile : Buford said:”I am about shy as a howitzer”

1 Overall

- Buford is a good man but he is very shy and he thinks too much. He think about how he is going to do stuff and whatever he do. And he finally found a woman and he was too shy to talk to her. And he never eat because he thinks too much so his man is piss because they don't get to eat.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

5 4 3 2 1 On The Killer Angel #7


- Since Buford is just a scout. He should wait for the infantry before he attack because he only have two sub diversion of an army.

- If Buford is smart. He should really just wait because the Rebel troops is playing a game with them.

- These people are really smart, they think about the result , why, how, what, and everything. They can't go wrong.

- Oh! So they are tracking Lee's army and Lee is the rebellion infantry.

- Gettysburg is such a small town. But there is a lot of flat ground space.

4 Questions

- What is the rebel really up to?

- Didn't the spy told Lee that they should attack because Buford's troops are weak?

- What side do Washington and Stuart play for?

- Who withdraw?

3 Vocabularies

- Brigades: Sub diversion of an army under a general.

- Barroom:

- Ridge: line of meeting of two sloping surfaces

2 Literary Terms

- Point Of View: I think Lee's troops is way too determined to give up so easily. I think they will somewhat attack Buford when they are not looking.

- Foreshadowing: Buford troops get dominate by the rebellion troop.

1 Overall

- Buford troops attack in the town of Gettysburg and found one rebellion soldiers. Now Buford is wondering if Lee's troops is really blind or they are just running away. But the sign make Buford think he completely dominate the rebellion troops

5 4 3 2 1 On The Killer Angel #6


- Chamberlain mentioned about Ellis Spear earlier like few pages. But then the author is introducing us Ellis Spear now. It sometimes confuse me.

- The speech Chamberlain made was impressive. But it didn't move the prisoner a bit.

- That was really smart of Chamberlain for telling the prisoners to spread out because if they didn't they might rebels.

- Why would the soldier fight in a town, they are going to hurt massive innocent people.

- The map in the book confuse me. They showed the small arrow for everything.

4 Questions

- Why is the prisoners so stubborn about this?

- Why didn't the last six prisoner join the battle?

- Can the Rebel Troops see the Buford troops?

- Is the Rebel troops putting on some sort of game?

3 Vocabularies

- Mounted: hill, that on which anything is supported or fitted house.

- Infantry: Foot Soldiers

- Astounded:

2 Literary Terms

- Imagery: A tall blond sunburn man. I can picture that.

- Foreshadowing: I think the rebel troops want the Buford troops think they can't see them and attack them when they fell for the trap.

1 Overall

- Buford arrive in the town of Gettysburg and he saw the Rebel troops but the Rebel troops apparently didn't even sense that the Buford troops are here or not. Is it a trick or are they just that stupid?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

5 4 3 2 1 On The Killer Angel #5


- That was really a smart move that General Chamberlain made.

- I think the convict men will open up to General Chamberlain .

- General is parallel with God. What a powerful speech

- Favoritism will only bring chaos to the troops

- Chamberlain must be under pressure on telling the prisoner what to do.

4 Questions

- Why don't the 150 mens just help the Colonel out?

- What did the man said to Colonel? Was it important?

- Why do they have to leave?

- How come the amount of the troops decreased more than 50% in just a year?

3 Vocabularies

- Grievance:a wrong considered as grounds for complaint, or something believed to cause distress

- Courtesy: excellence of manners or social conduct

- Regiment: Military.a unit of ground forces, consisting of two or more battalions or battle groups, a headquarters unit, and certain supporting units.

2 Literary Terms

- Euphemism: The way the colonel is telling the prisoner that they need to fight.

- Point Of View: My Point of view is that he should give up on the prisoner.

1 Overall

- Chamberlain had a private conversation with one of the man and he learn something from him. As soon as he think he is done with the prisoner , he was informed that he need to leave his camp and attack the REB armies. But the important part is that if they can convince the prisoner to join the fight.